Stress Management: Aida Gadelkarim’s Recommendations For Starting A Meditation Practice

Aida Gadelkarim

October 7, 2020

How To Start A Meditation Practice That Sticks With Aida Gadelkarim

Most people agree – meditation is tough. It can be hard to spend time sitting quietly, and it can be even harder to get into the habit of meditating regularly. Aida Gadelkarim is sharing her top tips on how to make meditation a regular part of your wellness routine.

First, Aida Gadelkarim recommends getting rid of judgement when you’re trying to meditate. It can be easy to decide that you’re not good at meditation because you struggle to “shut off” your thoughts. Meditation takes practice, and just making the space to sit quietly is a solid first step at establishing a regular time for meditation.

Next, Aida Gadelkarim recommends scheduling meditation time the same way you’d schedule an appointment. It doesn’t have to be long – even two minutes can be a great start. Aida Gadelkarim recommends thinking about meditation as something that you can’t cancel. Set a time for meditation in your calendar on your phone, and don’t be afraid to let your family members know that you”ll be taking a few minutes to yourself.

It’s also important to create a private, quiet space for meditation, according to Aida Gadelkarim. This doesn’t have to be a large area – the floor of your bedroom or a quiet space in the yard (or a park) can be perfect. The key is to choose an area where you can relax and have some time to yourself, according to Aida Gadelkarim. You may choose to add candles, pillows, or it may be better for you to leave your area bare, allowing you to completely focus. Aida Gadelkarim says that it can take some time to create the perfect meditation space for your needs, and it’s ok to play around with different ideas until you get it right.

Most important, Aida Gadelkarim says that it’s key to keep trying. For many people, it takes going through different styles of meditation, utilizing different tips and tricks, and getting into the practice of calming your mind. It can help to think about meditation like exercise: the first few days or weeks of a new workout program can be hard, but the benefits will pay off in dividends.

If you’re seriously struggling to make the habit stick, working with a meditation coach can be a good way to troubleshoot your practice, according to Aida Gadelkarim. As a meditation coach, Aida Gadelkarim is happy to talk with you about how her coaching services can help you find the calm and focus that you need to thrive. Feel free to reach out to her at to learn more about the meditation coaching options she offers.