Mona replies that if she can live through Alison, she will be able to survive that it anonymous messaging

Aida Gadelkarim

April 6, 2022

Mona replies that if she can live through Alison, she will be able to survive that it anonymous messaging

When Mona actually starts to discovered messages from “A great,” Hanna confesses one “A” was an individual who try tormenting this lady and her family relations. Later, Mona shows Hanna an instance statement from the time Hanna shoplifted brand new eyeglasses. This new statement try put in Mona’s mailbox from the “A great.” Mona was required to allow the incident report to brand new Rosewood Observer if not she would become filling in a police declaration by herself. The very next day, Mona indicates that she went to the precious jewelry store and you can came back the fresh new necklace she took. A shop owners known as cops and her mother was doing work out a deal. Hanna thank-you the lady and you will Mona feedback one she would not do just about anything so you’re able to harm the woman best friend and her mommy. At school, when Hanna passes Mona’s table, Hanna attracts Mona to sit down together, Aria, and you will Emily. Mona try unwilling basic but at some point agrees to sit down with these people.

She relates to just how the woman personal friendship with Hanna altered just after Caleb joined the picture and you can acknowledges you to definitely she is envious off their relationships

Hanna tells Mona you to definitely Caleb is actually Montecito together with his family members while they walk-down Fundamental Street in the evening. Up coming she requires if the Mona has gotten one the new texts out-of “An effective.” She states zero and you may begins to whine towards neighborhood services she has to-do. Aria, Mona, Spencer, and you may Emily every converge on the Hanna, which tells him or her this lady mother are “gorgeous for the A walk.” Ashley thinks law enforcement report is actually sent to Hanna, not Mona, and gave it so you can Wilden just like the she thinks it does continue them safe. Mona have an idea. It will take a big sit and you may seem to she’s dreadful from the one. She requires which one of them is the greatest liar and you can all of them suggest Aria. Slightly affronted, she requires Mona what lays she’s got to tell.

From the hall at school, Mona give Hanna a classic mobile phone that can costs to help you this lady account and become out of this lady mom’s radar

Whenever she renders, Spencer produces a tale on Mona’s sense of entitlement. Mona helps make certain humor and you may dangers on Jenna to Hanna, let down exactly how she poached Noel Kahn right out of not as much as their. She expresses you to Spencer shall be grateful this woman is perhaps not having Toby any more, however, Hanna understands how much Spencer could have been injuring, she isn’t really thus sure. Mona informs Hanna one to Spencer is truly smart and assisted the woman by way of a hard break up. Hanna desires she may get Toby of Jenna for five times to talk specific sense into your. Mona instantly formulates a plan to encourage Toby out of exactly who Jenna is actually.

marches to Hanna regarding the hallway, distressed regarding current text message away from “A” one to states in the event that she will not separation “Hanna along with her girl” she will return to being “a good junior large girl.” Whenever Caleb comes up, Mona simply leaves however, intends to be present afterward due to their slumber team. At Hanna’s consult, Mona and you can Caleb view Melissa whilst in an automobile. They generate embarrassing small-talk up to Mona explains you to no matter if none of these desires show up, they actually do it having Hanna. Emily texts Mona “Showtime,” as well as proceed to make out due to the fact Melissa treks of a creating. Caleb pulls out, but Mona guarantees your they do they “having Hanna” and you may kisses your again and you will Melissa requires observe.

Mona attends the new Rosewood Masquerade Golf ball on other people and later on complements Spencer toward Lost Trees hotel immediately after Spencer deduces that “A” had hired the room next to the one Alison is actually being inside. On space, they get a hold of drawings of a black Swan outfit and finish that “A” must be putting on it from the ball. She simply leaves the hotel place when you find yourself Spencer continues to research. Minutes afterwards, Mona productivity towards the space putting on a black colored hoodie. Mona admits this woman is “A” and you may congratulates Spencer towards calculating it, just before slamming their aside. They drive away from home where she now offers Spencer to join this lady or disappear. Spencer becomes outside of the vehicles just in case the remainder appear, she attacks Spencer but falls out of a cliff. She survives, not, in fact it is institutionalized. She revels precisely how everything whenever according to plan and appears for a partner.