How Travel Has Helped Aida Gadelkarim Understand Women’s Issues More Effectively

Aida Gadelkarim

April 4, 2021

How Travel Has Helped Understand Women’s Issues More Effectively

Every Culture Deals with Women’s Issues Uniquely, and Aida Gadelkarim’s Travels Have Prepared Her

Culture is a  great influence on the lives of people from all over the world.  It affects many aspects of life, one of which is women’s health. Throughout every culture in the world, women’s health issues are managed in different ways. From pregnancy to menopause to fertility, doctors and holistic practitioners take a diverse approach to providing necessary care. Aida Gadelkarim has traveled extensively to learn more about these issues and how culture has affected care.

Aida Gadelkarim is a women’s health expert who holds a B.S. in Nursing. Additionally, she works in holistic health and wellness. She is the co-founder of All-Heart Women’s Health and is the owner of Botanic Mind Body & Soul. Over the years, Aida  has helped patients tremendously throughout Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach.

In the United States, medical professionals tend to turn directly to medications. Their solution to most problems is a prescription — but the problem with medication is that it often masks other symptoms. By traveling to different parts of the world where pain medication isn’t prescribed as easily in the United States, Aida  learned how other medical practitioners would educate women on their bodies, discuss nutrition, and offer holistic solutions. As a result, women were more in tune with their own bodies and didn’t experience some of the problems women face in the United States.

Aida has learned how vitamin infusion can help with nutritional deficiencies, how acupuncture can treat pain and how massage can address not only pain but also help with relaxation and sleep,  but the most impactful things that she’s learned in her travels is the importance of holistic medicine. She prefers to take a whole-body approach when addressing health concerns.  Particularly in women’s health, Aida Gadelkarim believes that there are many ways to help a woman – and it all starts by listening to what the patient has to say. Many things are connected. For example: If a woman is dealing with nutrition deficiencies, it can impact her ability to conceive, carry a baby to term, and even impact menopause. Addressing the issues at its root can be the healthiest and most effective treatment to help her reach her goal to conceive and protect her health down the line.

Every woman deserves to get the help that she needs. While prescriptions may help some, it often becomes about identifying the root of the problem and treating it. Aida offers clinical and holistic services that do just that.  She also offers a full concierge website for women’s health where she shares what she’s learned and addresses common concerns and holistic services that can help make a difference.

Travel is a great way to see how other cultures handle the issues we all face. By being open to new things we can discover  multicultural approaches that can help women get the healthcare that they deserve.