Aida Gadelkarim on the Perfect Beauty and Health Gifts for the Holiday Season

Aida Gadelkarim

November 17, 2020

‘Tis the season to be jolly. For many Americans, however, the holiday season can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety. Finding the right gifts for friends and loved ones can be difficult. That’s why Aida Gadelkarim is going to share some vital tips for selecting health and beauty gifts for the 2020 holiday season.

“First thing’s first, when picking gifts, you need to put the giftee front and center,” Aida Gadelkarim says. “What does she or he need or want? What are their beauty and health goals? Buy gifts that match his or her needs and goals, not yours.”

Of course, figuring out needs is easier said than done. Talk with your friends and loved ones and ask what their goals are. If you’re considering beauty or health gifts, ask your giftee to share some health or beauty tips and what products they’re currently using and why. This will give you a good idea of their needs and wants.

“Many people are already using health and beauty products,” Aida Gadelkarim notes. “They may not be using the best products, but if you find out what your friend is using, you’ll get a good idea of what his or her goals are. Less stress, fewer lines, rich, moist skin, whatever.  Once you have an idea what your friends or loved ones are trying to accomplish, you can select the health and beauty gifts that line up with their goals.”

Aida Gadelkarim Gives Tips for Selecting Specific Health and Beauty Products

As for specific beauty and health products, Aida Gadelkarim suggests looking for products that use herbs and other natural ingredients.  “Many people think expensive products are the way to go, but actually simple items such as essential oils can produce the best results.  A lot of beauty products rely on chemicals, which may dry out or irritate your skin. Some health products aren’t made in a sustainable way,” Aida Gadelkarim points out. “Fortunately, more companies are offering natural, sustainable health and beauty products. In my experience, these products are better for beauty, health, and the environment.”

Aida Gadelkarim also suggests thinking outside of the box. Many people have bathrooms full of cremes, moisturizers, lipsticks, and more. “Remember that’s not about products but instead the results desired,” Aida Gadelkarim reminds us. “If your friend is trying to reduce wrinkles, the best gift may not be another beauty crème. Sessions with a local yogi or a trip to the spa may have more impact. By reducing stress through meditation, you may reduce fine lines and improve cardiovascular health. Less stress is medicine for the soul and body.”

Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. If you put a lot of thought into gifts, Aida Gadelkarim says, your friends and loved ones will appreciate your efforts.