Aida Gadelkarim Offers Six Key Beauty Insights for Women

Aida Gadelkarim

November 30, 2020

Aida Gadelkarim Offers Six Key Beauty Insights for Women

Many people want to look their best every day. Yet looking good requires constant diligence and effort. For many women, this often means hours in front of the mirror or at the salon. Even with all that effort, as the years go by, maintaining your looks can get increasingly difficult. Fortunately, Aida Gadelkarim, a holistic health expert, has some key insights for maintaining your best looks both today and tomorrow.

“It’s not easy maintaining your looks. It requires constant effort, and not just in front of the mirror,” Aida Gadelkarim says. “Your beauty routine should start with meditation, yoga, or other activities that reduce stress. This can help as much as the best lotions and creams.”

High stress may lead to increased wrinkles, both weight gain and weight loss, and other issues. Lower stress will help your body thrive and will reduce wear and tear. So while you might think beauty starts with makeup, Aida Gadelkarim says otherwise.

“Before I even talk about makeup and the like, we need to address stress, diet, sleep, rest, and the like. A healthy diet, not just in terms of calories, but also vitamins, essential oils, and the like, can produce fantastic health and beauty results. Sleep is also extremely important, we call it beauty sleep for a reason,” Aida Gadelkarim argues.

Outside of your diet, the right supplements and vitamins can help too.

“It can be hard to get everything you need for beautiful skin, lush hair, and everything else through diet alone,” Aida Gadelkarim notes. “The right vitamins and natural supplements can help you fill the gaps. So examine your diet, see what you’re missing, then find the right supplements.”

Not that makeup isn’t important. The right splash of beauty products can greatly improve your looks. Aida Gadelkarim recommends you stick to natural makeup products.

“Generally speaking, I find natural beauty products to be easier on the skin,” Aida Gadelkarim notes. “Many synthetic makeup products look good today but cause long-term problems, such as increasingly dry skin.”

Don’t forget about your hair either. Healthy, full hair can draw the eye. Yet beautiful hair requires constant and consistent effort.

“When it comes to hair, the right natural hair products go a long way. So too does a good diet. High stress may cause hair to fall out, so even yoga benefits your hair,” Aida Gadelkarim points out. “Make sure you brush and wash your hair regularly as well.”

Aida Gadelkarim Offers a Final Beauty Insight

Ultimately, constant beauty may require constant effort. That could mean yoga, a healthy diet, natural supplements, and more. Yet a bit of effort today may reduce hassles tomorrow.

“Beauty seems like a lot of work,” Aida Gadelkarim notes. “But as you develop the right habits and put in effort every day, you often find you have less work to do on any given day.”