Aida Gadelkarim Discusses the Positive Impacts of Massage in Pregnancy

Aida Gadelkarim

March 27, 2021

Aida Gadelkarim Discusses the Positive Impacts of Massage in Pregnancy

Prenatal Massages Offer Many Benefits, Explains Aida Gadelkarim

Massage is a popular way to relieve stress and tension throughout the body and prenatal massage, a technique designed specifically for pregnant women, has many added benefits. Aida Gadelkarim, BSN and the owner of Botanic Mind Body and Soul, focuses heavily on holistic medicine within women’s health and uses massage heavily in her practice.

It’s not uncommon for women to experience swelling during pregnancy, particularly as they reach the second and third trimesters. Much of this has to do with decreased circulation and pressure on many of the major blood vessels.  Massage is capable of reducing swelling and increasing circulation, and Aida recommends it weekly.   Massage in general is a great source of natural pain relief. Since it isn’t the best to give pregnant women painkillers and harsh medications, it’s imperative that a holistic approach be taken.  Aida Gadelkarim believes that a holistic style of medicine can help women make it through their pregnancies with the least pain possible.

The usual prenatal massage focuses on areas most prone to swelling: the feet, legs, and hands. Aida likes to talk with her patients before she begins to get a better understanding of the mother as a whole which makes it easier to apply pressure when and where it’s needed.

When it comes to the back, a mother’s spine will bend as the pregnancy progresses.  Many women experience lower back pain because of this, but massage can alleviate some of that pain by keeping the muscles that support the spine limber.

The American Pregnancy Association also recognizes the benefits of prenatal massage. This includes reducing anxiety and increasing the quality of the mother’s sleep. Also, many women who received prenatal massages regularly reported that they felt like their bodies were better prepared for labor and birth because of it.

Prenatal massage is unique and is not the same as more common massages like Swedish or Deep-Tissue. It requires unique techniques that help keep both mother and baby safe. Aida Gadelkarim has been trained in these techniques and urges anyone interested in receiving a prenatal massage to ensure that they go to someone who is trained as well..

In addition to prenatal massage, Aida Gadelkarim has recommended a variety of other holistic services to her patients. These include vitamin infusion and acupuncture, though it depends on the individual and their unique circumstances. This allows women to find the healthiest and most comfortable way for them to carry their baby to term without depending on pain medication. As a result, many are able to deliver quickly while managing pain levels effectively.