Aida Gadelkarim Discusses Acupuncture Benefits and Covid

Aida Gadelkarim

January 22, 2021

Aida Gadelkarim Discusses Acupuncture Benefits and Covid

Aida Gadelkarim provides high-quality holistic care for a broad range of individuals and many types of health conditions. Currently, the possible benefits of acupuncture for the treatment of long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms are being explored by a broad range of research studies to help those struggling with the lingering effects of the virus. 

Aida Gadelkarim Examines the Benefits of Acupuncture for Treatment of Long-Lasting Covid-19 Side Effects. 

In China, where the first known cases of Covid-19 occurred, many hospitals have prescribed acupuncture as a method of treatment. The basic premise behind acupuncture, as practiced by Aida Gadelkarim and others, is the careful insertion of needles at pressure points in the skin. Typically, this type of treatment method is utilized when conventional methods do not work. For instance, Aida Gadelkarim has helped patients who do not respond to medications, and various pharmacological care methods. Standard treatment with Gadelkarim goes for about 30-45 minutes, depending on a patient’s needs. After reviewing the literature on the currently ongoing studies and treatment options surrounding acupuncture and Covid-19, Gadelkarim began to incorporate these methods in her practice. 

These treatments’ primary purpose has been to help those who suffer from prolonged loss of smell and taste. Aida Gadelkarim has found that acupuncture on certain pressure points does seem to restore a median level of smell and taste within a week or so of treatment. This treatment’s long-term effects are not known yet, but Aida Gadelkarim believes they should be effective in these scenarios.

Other studies examined by Aida Gadelkarim have found that acupuncture can help provide real benefits by preventing damage to various cells in the body. Treatment seems to help with head and neck glands, keeping Covid-19 from triggering many health issues. The exact efficacy for lung-related damage has yet to be confirmed, Aida Gadelkarim states, though studies are in effect at the moment.

Aida Gadelkarim believes that as these studies continue and progress, more and more benefits will be discovered. The exact range of these possible benefits may include decreasing inflammation in many parts of the body and even generalized pain management, Aida Gadelkarim says. Many acupuncture pressure points can help with pain in this manner.

However, it is important to remember that acupuncture should be treated as an alternative, holistic, and additional therapy to medical care. These treatments can improve and enhance care but should not replace ventilators, vaccines, or other care options for those who need them. It is also critical to reach out to your general care physician, before trying any new treatment, to learn more about the benefits of this approach and to ensure that you can tolerate its unique demands on your body.